Gedurende het congres zijn er een aantal partners die graag aan u hun producten en prototypes willen demonstreren:

Fisic Medimate

Innovative Lab-on-Chip solutions contributing to a better quality of life


Fisic develops novel health care solutions for healthcare professionals and patients. To realize this Fisic uses its own proprietary Medimate platform. The first lab on a chip based electrophoresis platform for true Point of Care and self test measurements. Within minutes and at any location the Medimate provides unique parameters in finger stick whole blood, urine or other water based solutions with laboratory accuracy.  Using this novel technology Fisic enables decentralized measurements which were not possible before. Resulting in more efficient forms of healthcare and improving quality of life for the patients.

SurfiX Diagnostics

Our goaI is to get you an easy-to-use, reliable and sensitive diagnostic test that can detect your biomarker of interest


Surfix Diagnostics develops diagnostic tests for the early detection and monitoring of cancer utilizing its photonic diagnostics platform that combines six state-of-the-art technologies. To make it even more exciting: this photonic diagnostics platform is so versatile that it can be used for immunoassays AND for molecular diagnostics. Any protein or nucleic acid-based biomarker in a liquid biopsy can be detected, provided a suitable bioreceptor to capture this biomarker is available. The core of Surfix’s photonic diagnostics platform is a photonic biosensor consisting of a photonic biochip and a microfluidic cartridge both optimized with Surfix’s proprietary nanocoatings. The biosensor is used in combination with a dedicated desktop reader.

Inreda Diabetic

Inreda bi-hormonal closed-loop system


Inreda Diabetic is a fast growing company in the medical device industry. Inreda focuses on the development of the bi-hormonal fully closed loop system, also known as the Artifical Pancreas. This portable device regulates one’s blood glucose level autonomously, improving both quality of treatment and quality of life.

Delta Diagnostics

We make rapid, highly sensitive and low-cost biosensing accessible for everyone.


As Spinoff of TNO, we develop integrated photonics to create highly sensitive and selective biosensors. These are an order of magnitude more affordable, measure multiple biomarkers and are extremely sensitive, reaching SPR sensitivity. Our chips and readout device can be used anywhere from medical research, agriculture to Point-of-Care diagnostic applications

Applied Nanotechnology research group


Applied Nanotechnology is a research group (lectoraat) at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences, located in the cities of Enschede and Deventer (The Netherlands).  Our mission is to explore the vast potential of nanoscale and microscale technologies in addressing real-world challenges. With a multidisciplinary approach, we initiate, coordinate, and execute applied research, pushing the boundaries of innovation. Our group is comprised of a dynamic and diverse team of dedicated professionals, including researchers, engineers, and support staff. The research group is chaired by Martin Bennink and Cas Damen.

Research covers a wide range of areas, including but not limited to:

  • Sensing & Interfacing: Exploring new ways to interact with the nanoscale world.
  • Testing & Probing: Developing cutting-edge tools for analysis and diagnostics.
  • µ-System Production and Microfabrication: Creating microscale systems with precision.
  • Societal Embedding of Nanotechnology: Investigating the ethical and societal implications of our work.
  • Molecular and Cell Biology: Applying nanotechnology in the realm of biology.
  • Nanostructuring: Manipulating matter at the nanoscale to unlock its potential.